Mr Stranger.


It all happened in one week. How strange is it when you get to communicate with so many people and then BAM! You meet someone who you feel that maybe he might be the one. Seems silly eh? You started off as strangers by saying ‘Hello’ followed by getting to know each other. One of the conversations, you both can feel the connection. You both start stalking each other’s social media page just to get to know even more. You start contemplating in your own whirlwind of thoughts and go on denial that you are not infatuated by this particular someone. You start smiling while texting the person because you both are flirtexting (Is there such word? Lol). You both start talking about your lives and go deeper in your conversations. You both don’t have ‘Good morning’ or ‘Goodnight’ messages just like what you wanted. You don’t have to feel like you’re committed because this particular someone also don’t want it to be that way either. You just like the idea of engaging in deep conversations and flirting conversations. You feel like ‘Wow, this guy is not bad after all. He’s not like the other men.’ However, reality sucks. He would prove you wrong that he’s just like the rest of the men. How can someone text you almost every day with at least one ‘Hello!’ and suddenly not texting at all? How? It’s not fair to let a lady hanging like that. It’s definitely unfair. “Yes, you have a beautiful eyes.” That made her smile. You saw it within her eyes, and you just left her hanging like that? At one moment, you know you can’t expect so much because you both are not committed. At another moment, you know he could be the one. Somehow you accept the fact that it’s dying off and it’s time to get over this one as well.

And… It’s 12:05am.. I’m still waiting for your text…