My Current Haircare Routine

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Without a further ado, on today’s blog post [as you can read in the title itself], i am going to share about my current haircare routine. Disclaimer: This post is entirely my experience. It might not be the same for everyone.

Since young, i’ve had a really thin hair. Those who know me are aware that i’ve always been upset about not being able to flaunt a hairdo or a thick hair. My hair is extremely thin in the middle portion. I was so afraid that i might end up balding at a very young age. One of the reasons for this issue could be the lack of water intake. I don’t drink sufficient amount of water on a daily basis. [which i’ve started to.] I have started to realize how vital is it to drink lots of water. Water has so many perks and one of it is to help stimulate hair growth. Check out this LINK for more information.

Yes, I have tried countless number of shampoos and tonics. NOTHING changed. In fact, i started having a dry scalp and patches of white flakes on my head which caused a blockage in my roots. Trust me, it was heartbreaking to see my hair in such a mess and so unhealthy. Moreover, it was so embarrassing when people started noticing my white flakes falling off and pointing it out to me.

It was at that point [which was two months ago], my aunt recommended me a shampoo and tonic. As usual, i was skeptical as nothing worked before. But i saw a difference in her hair and scalp. It actually got thicker and she highly recommended me to try it.

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Eventually, I started using this product called BiOSys. It’s rather called Ginseng Scalp Treatment. Honestly, after two months, my hair seems so much better. It’s getting thicker and the white flakes are lesser now. The tonic played a huge part to remove the blockage for my roots to revive. As a lazy person, i found it so difficult to go according to the instructions but it’s a commitment. If you want a better hair, you got to stick to the rules.

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So, this is how the shampoo looks like. I use the shampoo every alternate days. Click on the images to take a better look at it.

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As for the tonic, i use it day and night daily. [The hairstylist emphasised on it repeatedly.] 

Other than these two products, i would do a hair oil massage every once a week. To my own preference, i like it to be every Saturday! I will soak my hair with coconut hair oil or castor oil for about 5 hours. It really moisturises the hair and gives the hair some volume.

Well, that’s about it for my haircare routine. I hope it helps for those who have the same issue that i once i had. It’s really simple. I don’t use any other products [but i am open to try other products as well, so if there’s any, share it with me in the comments box below.]

P.S. For those who expect immediate results, lets just be real, everything takes time. That’s what i’ve learnt in life. Thus, be patient. Be committed and you’ll see results.






Here’s a big shoutout to my current beauty product. I bought this clay mask recently during a sale at The Body Shop Singapore. Before i start the review, i would like to say that this is purely my opinion and that does not mean it’s the same for others as well.

How did this help my oily face?

I have a combination skin but most of the time its oily due to the climate and my regular outdoor whereabouts. This clay mask has helped my skin to feel rejuvenated and my face feels less heavy. It actually helps in the oil balancing but oily face is irresistible. Thus,  this mask just helps to lessen the oiliness on the face. Mainly, the nose area.

IMG_8683The above picture is on how to use it and how does it help.

I try to use the clay mask or any other mask at least twice a week if i have the time but personally, i feel that once a week ‘mask time’ will be sufficient enough. Usually, i’ll have my ‘mask time’ on a weekends morning after a good sleep. 🙂

Once i spread a sufficient amount of mask on my face, it starts to feel fresh and tightens the skin. I keep it for at most 10-15mins and wash it off. It feels like minty vibe all over your face actually, haha. That’s my favourite!

I’ll put the link down below of The Body Shop Singapore’s Seaweed Clay Mask.

I hope this review helps those who are finding for a good mask for Oily Skin/Combination Skin. I rate this 4/5 🙂


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