My Current Haircare Routine

Hello everyone!

My apologies for not updating my blog regularly. I have a lot of contents which i would like to share. So, I have decided to posts at least once a week. However, if you guys have any suggestions on what you would like to read, type it down on the comments box below.

Without a further ado, on today’s blog post [as you can read in the title itself], i am going to share about my current haircare routine. Disclaimer: This post is entirely my experience. It might not be the same for everyone.

Since young, i’ve had a really thin hair. Those who know me are aware that i’ve always been upset about not being able to flaunt a hairdo or a thick hair. My hair is extremely thin in the middle portion. I was so afraid that i might end up balding at a very young age. One of the reasons for this issue could be the lack of water intake. I don’t drink sufficient amount of water on a daily basis. [which i’ve started to.] I have started to realize how vital is it to drink lots of water. Water has so many perks and one of it is to help stimulate hair growth. Check out this LINK for more information.

Yes, I have tried countless number of shampoos and tonics. NOTHING changed. In fact, i started having a dry scalp and patches of white flakes on my head which caused a blockage in my roots. Trust me, it was heartbreaking to see my hair in such a mess and so unhealthy. Moreover, it was so embarrassing when people started noticing my white flakes falling off and pointing it out to me.

It was at that point [which was two months ago], my aunt recommended me a shampoo and tonic. As usual, i was skeptical as nothing worked before. But i saw a difference in her hair and scalp. It actually got thicker and she highly recommended me to try it.

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Eventually, I started using this product called BiOSys. It’s rather called Ginseng Scalp Treatment. Honestly, after two months, my hair seems so much better. It’s getting thicker and the white flakes are lesser now. The tonic played a huge part to remove the blockage for my roots to revive. As a lazy person, i found it so difficult to go according to the instructions but it’s a commitment. If you want a better hair, you got to stick to the rules.

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So, this is how the shampoo looks like. I use the shampoo every alternate days. Click on the images to take a better look at it.

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As for the tonic, i use it day and night daily. [The hairstylist emphasised on it repeatedly.] 

Other than these two products, i would do a hair oil massage every once a week. To my own preference, i like it to be every Saturday! I will soak my hair with coconut hair oil or castor oil for about 5 hours. It really moisturises the hair and gives the hair some volume.

Well, that’s about it for my haircare routine. I hope it helps for those who have the same issue that i once i had. It’s really simple. I don’t use any other products [but i am open to try other products as well, so if there’s any, share it with me in the comments box below.]

P.S. For those who expect immediate results, lets just be real, everything takes time. That’s what i’ve learnt in life. Thus, be patient. Be committed and you’ll see results.






Here’s a big shoutout to my current beauty product. I bought this clay mask recently during a sale at The Body Shop Singapore. Before i start the review, i would like to say that this is purely my opinion and that does not mean it’s the same for others as well.

How did this help my oily face?

I have a combination skin but most of the time its oily due to the climate and my regular outdoor whereabouts. This clay mask has helped my skin to feel rejuvenated and my face feels less heavy. It actually helps in the oil balancing but oily face is irresistible. Thus,  this mask just helps to lessen the oiliness on the face. Mainly, the nose area.

IMG_8683The above picture is on how to use it and how does it help.

I try to use the clay mask or any other mask at least twice a week if i have the time but personally, i feel that once a week ‘mask time’ will be sufficient enough. Usually, i’ll have my ‘mask time’ on a weekends morning after a good sleep. 🙂

Once i spread a sufficient amount of mask on my face, it starts to feel fresh and tightens the skin. I keep it for at most 10-15mins and wash it off. It feels like minty vibe all over your face actually, haha. That’s my favourite!

I’ll put the link down below of The Body Shop Singapore’s Seaweed Clay Mask.

I hope this review helps those who are finding for a good mask for Oily Skin/Combination Skin. I rate this 4/5 🙂


If you’ll want more beauty tips or suggest what kind of reviews you’ll would like to read, comment down below.

– H

You’re just like the rest

You’re just like the rest.

The phrase that i’m suppose to be saying. It’s funny how someone can just invade your space and find something to be defensive about. I’m actually pretty amazed how people turn out to be in the end. But as always, the blame and the bad name will come straight back to me.

I’m not here to brag that i’m innocent. I don’t have to. Please. As long as i know that i’ve had no bad intentions and all i did was to be there for others and give people a chance of their own.  If i’m giving a particular someone countless chances and yet proved me that i shouldn’t have, why can’t i just give someone else another chance as well? Look from my perspective. I wasn’t given a space to actually explain. As far as i know, i believe i never did anything wrong. I was upfront. If i wanted to hide something or do something behind someone’s back, i would have deleted every evidence. But i didn’t even do that.

I was honest. I always did. It’s just that one thing i didn’t say and i became a bad person? My loyalty is being judged? Wow okay. I’m alright with that but hearing someone say, “You are just like the rest.” I’m taken aback because the last thing i know i didn’t accuse someone for something they didn’t do which others did. I didn’t go around bitching about someone which others did. I didn’t treat someone like a slave or mistreated them which others did. Moreover, i already told the person that i’m moving on for the amount of shits i’ve put through for a year plus. The person is not changing. This is toxic for us. I’ve been affected worse than anything that happened in my life. It’s traumatising to be precise. All i did was good for others and for their own good. I literally sacrificed. I cut everyone off my life. But in return what did i gain? I was only mistreated in return and i became the evil person? I can fight for my rights. But i’m exhausted, man. Extremely exhausted.

My question: The issues were happening was between us. Where did external parties got involved and my loyalty is questioned for? This is being hypocrite. People know that they made a mistake yet they just find some reason to interrogate and turn the whole issue towards me. Why? All i asked for is to stop hurting me but i’m getting hurt again and again. People forgot the past mistakes they did to me and put the blame on me for doing the same thing? Why? Okay lets put it this way. Don’t need to be honest to me. At least be honest to yourself. Ask yourself. What you did all these while was right? What wrong did i do? Look back. Reflect.

“You won’t know someone’s value till they’re gone forever from your life. There’s no point regretting in the end.”

Sometimes, people won’t realize what you’re trying to say and what you’re doing. It’s always misunderstood but one day they will realize and it’s too late.

However, i’m going to stop right here. I’m not going to talk about what all happened to me in my life and what others have done to me. This post is a reminder for me that this is it. Everyone has a turning point in their lives. This is my turning point.

It’s my turn to think for myself than for others. I don’t care what others talk about me or even think about me. I’m way over that already. Think whatever you want. I’m bad? fine. I’ve done bad. fine. whatever. I can’t please anyone. I can’t beg anyone to stay or/and make them understand that i always had good intentions.

I’m not saying that everyone is evil and i’m good. I’m not here to prove that. I’m here pouring out my thoughts and emotions. Perhaps, my story might help other to be aware. I have made mistakes in life but if it really was my fault, i would admit it with all my heart. I have been honest and admit for my mistakes many times. But sometimes i feel like i have to voice out as well. I can’t just keep everything to myself.

I’ve been so naive. I’ve been quiet. I let others blurt out whatever they want. I’ve been putting up with people’s bullshits. That’s it. I’m done with that. That girl i was before is gone now. She’s done. I’m never turning back. I’m moving forward. I’m not going to let anyone close to me. I’m not going to get attached to someone. I’m not going to allow anyone to put the blame on me just like that. That’s not happening anymore. YOU’RE THE LAST PERSON. Hereafter, i know what to do about my life. I know how to help myself.

Now, this is the recovery stage. I’ve reached that point already. I’m ready to live a life for myself. only for me. nobody but myself. I’m going to work towards it. I’ll do whatever it takes to become a better me. I’m not going to let anyone pull me down especially the ones in my past. I’m going to be the knight of my life, fight every dragon that comes in my way and save myself. 

The truth will always win in the end. One day, i’ll rise. I’ll become someone that i’ll be proud of. That day, all these pains, pasts, anxieties, hurdles, depression and haters won’t matter. I’ll smile that day and thank each and everyone who’ve done bad to me and my obstacles because without them, i wouldn’t have taken the step forward to be stronger each day.

I believe in god. I don’t always go into the prayer room to pray. But i always pray in my heart. I never fail to do that. I know he’s up there watching over me and has plans for me. He’s just waiting for the right time to execute it. I know i have his back and his blessings always.



I will rise again



I will rise again poem

A piece that i wrote from the bottom of my heart.


The Stigma of Menstruation.

This is an explicit post. However, I have been struggling with this for the past 9 years and I have to voice it out. There were many days where it made me feel like “why am I even born a woman?” Some may agree to this and some may disagree but nevertheless, this is something I feel that I have to voice out. The thoughts have been lurking within me for years and it just irks me. Today, I just broke down in tears. I just needed to voice it out.


I get it. It’s not a nice sight to see a pad just lying there but it’s wrapped in a paper and plastic. How does it even affect humans or/and the environment? There is global warming, people throw rubbish everywhere, there are still water pollution and air pollution and there are oil leakages almost everywhere in the sea now. And of all things to be worried about in this world, why do they find this to freak out about? I don’t get it. Does it even affect mother nature?

We, Women, tend to forget too. We forget to throw the pad away and perhaps, take our time to throw it away [the reason why we wrap it in a paper and plastic]. Yet when that happens accidentally, they are quick to label it as dirty and bad vibes during that time of the month. It’s not on purpose. They make it seem like being a woman is a curse or we’re some kind of an omen every month.

I feel that this whole “oh it’s dirty”, “oh it’s not good for the house.”, “oh the blood is bad.”, “oh it brings bad luck if someone sees it.”, “Oh you can’t go into the prayer room to pray.” is utterly ridiculous. This whole concept in Hinduism wasn’t there in the first place. How did this come about? What happened during the days before pads were even made?


We, Women, were born this way and we didn’t ask for it. Nobody can justify or argue this fact.

It’s natural for us to bleed and it’s not dirty. We are not dirty. I’m the type whom emphasises on hygiene and cleanliness but i strongly don’t support the fact that we, women, are treated like we have some kind of disease. It’s not fair. This is normal.

In this generation, parents should come to this understanding that we also have our days of exhaustion and tiredness, we tend to forget or delay the time to throw it away. It’s not on purpose. Of all people, mothers supposed to be understanding. Stop being stuck at the stigma of women’s bleeding, their pads or menstruation as a whole. Support your daughters, sisters, friends, girlfriend. Support them instead of putting them down. Stop being angry at them, nag at them and make them feel disgusted of themselves. We are already in so much of pain and emotion during period. We have the tendency to explode in emotions. Stop adding on to it.

So what if your sons or the neighbours see it? So what? Is this out of the norm? Why don’t you’ll teach your sons that this is normal? This is something sacred and it’s not dirty. It’s just really hurting for us of how Indian parents just behave a certain way. You’ll shouldn’t make us feel embarrassed about it and emphasise it negatively for something natural.

Just because we were born as a Woman, we have to behave a certain way or do things a certain way.

Stop reacting negatively.