Born and raised in Singapore. I’m an artistic person than a studious person. I’m a baker and i have ventured on my first online business called Scrumptious Craves in October 2016. [Follow @ScrumptiousCraves on Instagram and Facebook]

Basically, “A Sparkling Bindian”  was created as obvious as the reason is, i love blogging and i always prefer penning down my thoughts. I have been blogging since i was 11 in my old blogs.

For the thirst of adventures, i have been passionate about photography, travelling, exploring places and road trips. I always have dreams of the places i have never been, people i have not met, knowledge and cultures that i’m yet to learn and experience. That gives me the motivation.

Past experiences have mould me into a better person. I came up with a quote for myself which is keeping me going always.

“I’ll be my own knight and fight through every dragon that comes in my way.”
– H.D.

With that all said, you’ll get to know me more and better through my blog posts and i hope to inspire different individuals out there through my writing.

If you’ll have any suggestions on what you’ll would want me to write on. It can be about life story, a particular topic, motivational, beauty tips, fashion or travel stories. You can simply just drop me a feedback on the comment sections below or you can email me directly as well, asparklingbindian@hotmail.com